Interpak is a professional co packer who focuses on high quality execution of the agreed services to her customers.
Packing products in any shape, way or form is the core business.

Interpak is a professional co-packing company for Food and Non-Food products. We focus on high quality delivery of services and products to our customers.
Our core business is to pack products from third parties. Craftsmanship, reliability, flexibility and quality are our most valued characteristics.

We always aim at realizing the best possible packing solutions for our customers and we keep looking for new methods and materials to create sustainable packaging.

Due to our long-term experience (established in 1976) and knowledge our customers can always rely on a expert execution of all our services and projects, in which we make no distinction between small or larger projects.

Early involvement in all packaging projects stimulates creativity and innovation in packaging solutions and Interpak promotes cooperative and transparent communication between all the stakeholders in the project.

We consider our social responsibility to be self-evident: we thrive by innovation and durable entrepreneurship. We create a safe and harmonious work environment for our employees, in which we challenge them to develop creativity and ownership.

Furthermore we consider clear communication with our stakeholders to be essential.